The Fantasy Ends

The final season of Fantasy is airing, and… look, it’s fine. It was fine, I should say. I look back at all those watch parties I had in my apartment, all the time I spent on forums discussing how I thought things would, go, arguing about the differences between the show and the original children’s picture book upon which this surprisingly adult, gory, violent show is based. I don’t regret those times, but something is missing.

I settled down tonight to watch the show, and I was all like… yeah, it’s fine. In fact, a few minutes in and I realised that my newly-installed ducted heating had stopped working. “Get off the couch and look up heating system services. Canberra is about to get cold as heck,” said Mum a few months back, but I thought I’d cheap out and just pay my cousin to do it. Yeah, life tip: don’t do that.

Anyway, the heating went out, and I actually noticed. That should never, ever happen when I’m watching an episode of Fantasy. An alien invasion could happen outside while I’m watching that show and I’d still be glued to the screen… at least, that was how it used to be. Now, I’m sitting there half-watching while surfing through memes on my phone, and I feel that it’s a bit colder than it should be. That clues me into how the actual machine has gone off, and then I’m getting indignant at what a terrible job my cousin did on the heating. Next thing I know, I’ve missed a good few minutes of the show, and I don’t even care as much as I should. Daria Nark has just killed the Noon Princess, which is a massive event, and I’m like, I’ll watch it again. I have more important things to do, like look up a ducted heating company. Canberra is, indeed, about to get cold as heck.

I dunno, man. First it was Revengers: Edamame, now Fantasy? Am I just growing up, or is everything good just ending? That’s a super depressing thought. Maybe my new heating will bring me endless joy.