Fan Stories

I still use my original Dreamcast console pretty regularly – probably about once a month, on average. I used to go hard on it back in the day; I was 11 when it came out. I’ve got other priorities now, so it’s more something that I’ll pull out to impress fellow gamers who I know will appreciate getting their hands on one. I have to say, for something manufactured nearly 20 years ago, it’s held up really well. The fan sounds a bit like a cat stuck in a food processor, but other than that it’s still in virtually perfect working order. I’ll probably shed a tear if it ever conks out. I’ve had too many good times with that thing. (Kendra, 30)

I’ve owned like seven Dreamcast consoles. I’m waiting for the day the supply dries up. I won’t be crying; you’ll be crying. (Ankh, 38)

I’m on my fourth one now. The first one died after about a year from being smashed day in, day out by my 5-kid family. I think my little brother spilled a drink in it, although he still claims that never happened. The second one I got really cheaply when they were being phased out; I didn’t let my siblings near it and had if for a good ten years before it passed on (probably from overuse in my early uni days). I bought the third one from a friend… actually, I traded him a Xbox  for it. It actually got stolen from my house. No joke. A robber came in and just took the Dreamcast and nothing else. (Corey, 34)

I’m a convert to the Dreamcast family. My dad bought me the Sega Saturn in 1997 and I was perfectly happy with it. Why would I need another video game console when I had Panzer Dragoon to play over and over again? It wasn’t until 2001, when sleeping over at my friend Asher’s house, that he introduced me to the wonderful world of Dreamcast. We played Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio for hours. That night, as we finally went to sleep at 3am, I wished upon a star that I could get my own Dreamcast. The next day, I went to the shops and bought one with my pocket money. (Gerald, 31)