The Dim-Sim Queen

Well, this confirms it: Penelope is the worst. Actually, truly, madly, deeply, the worst. And you know the worst thing? She doesn’t know that she’s the worst, and no one else thinks she’s the worst either, even though she totally is.

Ugh, Penelope the heiress. Her family owns a penthouse suite. She has a private stable full of ponies. Her father is so powerful he decides who lives and who dies. I mean, tacky much? SO tacky.

Apparently the only reason they’re so rich is because they’re from the family that invented this innovative ducted heating system, so now whenever any ducted heating company Sydney wide does some work, it’s like a commission-based thing… or whatever. And now that everyone is getting gas ducted heating in Sydney, Penelope’s family are super rich, and she gets to rub it in everyone’s faces as their wealth just keeps getting bigger. Soon her family’s ducted heating empire will get so big that she can have a pool of money just like Stooge McQuack, and she’ll invite everyone from school to her money pool party. Everyone except me, because I’ve made it very clear that my friendship cannot be bought just by flashing daddy’s golden credit card around at the canteen and treating everyone to dim-sims in a vain attempt to flaunt your wealth and get them on your side.

No sir, I will not be bought with dim-sims! I could be bought with stacks of cash or a ducted heating system that I can control from my room, but I haven’t seen Penelope handing out either of those, so no deal. I will not come to your parties or horse-riding outings like one of your drones…not until you offer my family home a fitout from one of Sydney heating servicing professionals, in which case sure, I’ll be a drone. I’ll drone the night away, shine your shoes, carry your books, do your homework. But not until then!