A Euro-Style Home

I really should clean out the laundry cupboard more often. It just sits there, all innocent, and you don’t notice that there’s dust piling up an inch thick and the moths have gotten at that old tablecloth that you sort of wanted to use for the garden party. Also, I found a k’li’ta’kir burrowing an interdimensional wormhole right behind the dryer, and I just know that this is Blartax’s doing. This has him written all over it. And while I managed to release the critter back into the wilds of Sendrix-Eight, now I’ve got this ugly hole in space-time that’s threatening to suck up all my spare towels.

Gosh, I envy people with European style laundries. And while we’re at it, why is there no such thing as a Euro kitchen, or a Euro bathroom? As for the kitchen and bathroom design companies Melbourne has at its disposal, they’re perfectly capable of achieving such things. I’m resolving to bring this up with them. You’ve got your Euro-laundry, yeah? A small space, yes, but it can still be nicely designed. Then there’s the open plan kitchen that you get in certain places, which is borderline kitchenette; basically a limpet on the side of the living area. And yet, the bathroom gets its own, specialised space? I don’t need to be able to dance in the shower; just stick it in a cupboard and be done with it.

I should design bathrooms for a living. Then maybe I could quit my current line of work and skip having to wash the chimera stains out of my clothing a couple of times a week. Gosh, it’s like they don’t want to be snared by a mystic lasso and have their horns broken off to be used in enchanted medical products. Not that I feel bad about it, because they are notorious predators.

Anyway, bathroom and kitchen designers Melbourne wide should watch out. I could be onto something here. Look to the future, people: bathrooms in convenient cupboards, coming to you soon.