Get Into Welding

First promo for the latest season of The Great Australian Trade-Off finally dropped, and it looks like they’re shaking up the formula. The first episode will be in Sydney, and I think I saw the Bill Khalifa in the background of one of the shots so I guess they’re going to Dubai.

I would assume that’s a one-off, because travelling all over the world would be a budget-guzzler and it would sort of ruin the idea of it being a true-blue Aussie show.

Looks good, though! I like how they seem to be getting back to basics, but showcasing some industries that haven’t had a turn yet. Yeah, if you come on this show and present yourself as a skilled amateur trades-person, you gotta get stuck into marine fabrication and welding. It’s the way of the future, especially with everyone moving underwater. Soon there will be fleets ferrying people to and from the Melbourne docks like trains carry people across ground right now, marine stainless steel fabrication will be king of transportation, and they’ll be manufacturing all sorts of things. Submarines for personal use, for example.

Back to the show…but hey, wouldn’t it be cool if one of the tasks was them having to create a personal submarine, a little two-seater, that can transport people down to their underwater home? I’m not saying they have to, but I would be super excited to see that episode to the point where I’d be exploding. Seriously, no work would get done that week. I am ALL about marine fabrication, and I’m all about moving underwater, and I’m also all about the Trade-Off. If they combined everything…well, best episode ever.

And if they go to Dubai for a quick jaunt, then that just keeps things fresh. I can already tell it’s going to be a season of fun, fretting, fights and feuds. And also, marine welding, with people failing to properly attach bow rails and becoming incensed at their teammates. SO much fun.