Safety is Fabulous

Ever since I tried to glue my cat to the ceiling when I was six, I knew I was meant to be an artist. I was attempting to fuse the static nature of glue with the fluid, ever-changing nature of the common household cat, and I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling…lids. As in, I lost the lid of the glue and it dried out and it was no longer suitable for artistic purposes.

Also, the cat ran away and we never did see her again.

No matter. Now I’ve been hired for my first ever product design: the shock-dispersal gloves, or SDGs. Not the best name, but I’ll work with it. Yeah, they’re supposed to help commercial electricians with the huge jobs, like when they’re working on a power line or a transformer or whatever it is commercial electricians do. Supposedly it melds to the arm like a second skin using patented technology, and is even capable of siphoning off electrical charges if you touch a live connection with a part of your body that isn’t connected to the glove.

Anyway, it’s the safest electrician glove on the market, and it looks hideous. No offence or anything, I’m sure it’ll stop a lot of local electricians from getting nerve damage, but no one is going to buy it with the ‘1950s housewife rubber gloves’ look it has going right now. Electrical workers are quite a hardy sort and they need something that looks as tough as them.

Can’t go with a metal finish, for obvious reasons, so I’m thinking a sort of matte black with a silver finish, maybe with yellow accents and what am I doing!

I can’t give away the secrets to my first ever artistic commission! Give it a month, maybe two, and you’ll see every single electrician company in Bayside ordering these by the crateload. Strutting around with them like a really safe fashion accessory. No pressure on me, or anything.