The Chosen Glazier

There are many days in video game ‘Over-Botch’ that have ascended to the hall of memes. There was that one April Fool’s Day when they added fall damage for 24 hours. First people jumping off tall things and watching their avatars crumple to the ground and respawn was shocking, and then people started doing it for a joke, and now it’s known as ‘Splatterday’.

Yeah, very good. Then there was April Fool’s Day of this year when Over-Botch became a turn-based RPG for a day, and people liked it so much they made it a sub game mode. I’m hoping to have my own company doing glass repair in Melbourne someday, but there’s all sorts of equipment you have to know about, especially if you want to do the really huge jobs, or the tricky ones. The game has a pretty good system of teaching you all about that stuff, hence why I’m here despite not being much of a gamer usually. The random boss fights they added were not my thing, so it was fortunate that every else shared my sentiment and they got rid of them, but I can get on board with the seasonal events. They’re a bit of fun, and I like the creativity.

So I log in, and there are suddenly generic NPCs everywhere saying things like “Have you heard that they’re crowning a new glazier king?” and “I sure hope the Shatter Beast doesn’t come back, he’s really scary!”

What followed was a mini adventure in commercial glazing, wherein I became the chosen one to go into a forest and find a sacred orb, bring it back to the Glazier King, then I repelled an attack from the Shatter Beast, enemy of all elegant glass stair balustrades, became the saviour of all the kingdom and gained a lot of EXP. And a rusty dagger, which is…cool, I guess.

As much as I’m happy with the normal glazier experience, it was nice being a hero for a little while.