Think of the Mechanics

Sometimes you just need to take a break, even from things you think are good for you. Over-Botch is great and all, but I really do feel like I’ve been putting too much of my life into the game. I’ve got to train myself up in my chosen profession, of course, but all play and no other play makes… not good stuff.

It’s going well, though. I’m studying a mix of car stuff, some servicing, brake repair, tyre replacements- a bunch of stuff like that. And just let me say, while I’m in the midst of saying some other stuff, that I fully support the introduction of solid driving rules. If anything, people working as mechanics here were having a tougher time than they would in a real life auto service centre. Ringwood, at least, doesn’t see as many smashes as the world of Over-Botch does. In the latter, up until now, people have been ramping their car up onto rooftops, towing clusters of several other cars behind them through heavy traffic, or just trying to drive through lakes to see if the game has any water damage penalty.

Well, it does. Got that? The game does have water damage if you drive your car into a lake, and a mechanic does have to sort out your soggy vehicle afterwards, so please do the smart thing and just ask about it in the forums. See, real world auto mechanics don’t have to deal with this silliness. Or rather, their daily grind is mostly your average Ringwood brake pad replacements and roadworthy checks, with the intense hoon stuff being more of an outlier.

Alright, I need more of a real break from the game and my mechanic duties. I’ll play Light Spirits, the game famous for being easy and joyful, where all the bosses crumple after you hit them with harsh words and water balloon assaults, everything is brightly lit, and absolutely nothing bad happens ever as you quest though the land righting wrongs with your +1 Pool Noodle of Gentle Correction.