The Butterfly Defect

I’m pretty sure a butterfly burned down my school once, but no one believed me. That may have been part of the reason I was moved to another school: no one suspects the butterfly. Also, the school burned down and they needed a place to send us. That was where I got some really great career counselling, and I remember thinking ‘wow, this Melbourne professional career counselling really is something’. The school that the butterfly burned down was way out in the country, and I do remember that after it burned down, our family had to leave and move to the big city. All the other kids went to schools in that area, but we all got new names and regular visits from the police. I guess the police in Melbourne are just really nice and they like to make sure that all newcomers to the city get settled in and are comfortable.

That was when I started my extensive counselling, and I realised that my career isn’t something to be afraid of when I leave school. I’d always thought I’d be locked into an office environment forever, like all adults, but the career counselor encouraged me to indulge in my love of nature, and get a job in the great outdoors. And they do exist! I can’t believe that everyone doesn’t just work outdoors, considering that it’s so freeing and joyful.

Of course, I have severe legal restrictions on where I can work. No forests, no wooded areas, and in no profession am I allowed to handle flammable materials. I’m actually not sure where all of that came from, but maybe it’s all to do with that butterfly incident. 

Gee, it must be tough to do career coaching for students, if the person you’re coaching wants to do something but can’t. Like if they want to be a concert pianist, but have no fingers. Or if they want to be a park ranger, but they’re secretly followed around by a pyromaniac butterfly arsonist. That sort of thing.