Golfing it Is!

You know, I’m thinking of going to the Golfing Expo. It seemed a bit strange to me at first, an all-female expo just for golf, but I’ve been looking into it. Women’s golf really is taking off, you know! And my grandfather was a champion golfer, so I feel like it’s in my blood. I mean, he married into the family well after my real grandfather died, but… he’s, um, part of the family, right? 

Look, golf stands a better chance of being my one true passion than the likes of treasure hunting. That sounded VERY exciting at first, and I was learning things about being a boat mechanic. Close to Melbourne, I’m told, there’s tons of treasure beneath the bay; I was new and wanted to give it a go. But the more I talked to the different people in the group, the more I realised that they were just general boating enthusiasts, and no one was interested in treasure hunting. I’d go along to the meetings, and everyone would be really nice and welcoming (good snacks as well), but they’d spend the whole time talking about outboard motor services, and why you need to regularly have your jetski serviced. I’d ask if we could talk about actually diving for treasure, and they’d tell me I was being too hasty. We need to get the best boating equipment possible, and THEN dive for treasure. 

Just saying, it was a very misleading group name. We only ever ended up heading out into the bay once, and that was a spur-of-the-moment thing because the weather was nice. I suited up, got my scuba gear all ready, and they said they weren’t really feeling it. I dived by myself, found nothing but trash, and emerged from the water to find them sitting around drinking beer and lazing in the sun.

So yeah, I quit. Learned loads about the best places near Melbourne for outboard motor services, but not much else. Next hobby stop: golf! There’s a whole expo, so why not?