Mystery In Pink

I’ve got a very important question. How come, in motion blur photos of city roads at night, there’s always this big swathe of pink light? Sometimes it’s a red streak, but more often than not, there’s a whole lot of pink. I’ve got nothing against this – in fact, pink is my all-time favourite colour – but where, I ask you, are all these pink cars? 

It’s rare to see a pink car, just as it’s rare to see pink in nature, unless you’re in a field of wildflowers in bloom or copping a standout sunset. Think about it. That, dear reader, is why I have a have to crown pink as my favourite colour, with purple and red being close runners up. And so, the question remains: where are all these masses of pink cars? All I can see is endless white sedans, white utes and white utility vans.

It’s entirely possible that I don’t understand how motion blur effects work, and that there’s a reasonable photographic explanation for this phenomenon. Regardless, it makes me realise how keen I am to rep the pink. I wonder what’s involved in getting a car painted a completely different colour? Mine’s white (like everyone else’s), so it seems like it should be doable. Maybe I’ll ask a car mechanic near Caulfield; I’m driving Celeste out there tomorrow anyway and I’ll have some time to kill. 

Celeste is my car, in case you couldn’t work that out. She’s in good nick, because I never miss a car service appointment. Toorak, where I live, isn’t the kind of place that encourages neglect of your car. There’s peer pressure, shall we say, to keep on top of maintenance. I wonder how the neighbours would respond to me getting a pink paint job on the car… or the house. I think they’d be okay with it, provided it was tastefully done. 

I’m kind of glad that hardly anyone has a pink car, come to think of it. If it wasn’t so rare, it would undermine what makes the colour so appealing to me in the first place.