Calming Dog Video

I’m obsessed with my dog. It’s safe to say that I love her more than the average person loves their dog, and it’s because she is without a doubt, the best thing in my life. The way she greets me at the door every evening after work, it brings a tear to my eye. She is my best friend and I know that I’m hers, which is why I feel bad leaving her at home alone every day.

I know how much I miss her during the day, even though I know when I’m going to see her again. I can’t even imagine how much she misses me, which is why I’ve decided to do something special for her. Even though I still won’t be home with her, I’m hoping this makes it easier for her to be alone during the day. So what am I doing for her, I hear you ask? I’m going to get a video recorded of myself saying soothing things and have it projected on the wall all day every day, for her. 

I’ve spoken to a group of people who do post production services and they commended me for the idea. Apparently, they’ve never made a video with a dog as the audience, but they are extremely excited to do so. They said they’ll put all their resources into the project, because they want my dog to feel as calm and loved as possible. I’m really glad that they’re taking this seriously, because it really could change my dogs days for the better.

I think my dog and I are in good hands with this video production company. Melbourne residents can be pretty volatile, and you never really know what you’re going to get, but I think I’ve got it good with this team.

I can’t wait to see my dog’s reaction when she hears and sees the video for the first time. I love her.