Skeleton Teeth

Did you know that teeth preserve extremely well, even after someone has passed away? That’s why I have to get regular dentist appointments, even though I haven’t had flesh in about five hundred years. Thankfully, the bristle toothbrush had just been invented back when I was alive, so I’ve been brushing my teeth for my entire life and beyond. Three times a day, ever since I was twenty years old. My teeth are in excellent condition, especially for a skeleton.

I think, even after decades, the workers at the Bayside local dentist I visit are still shocked every time I go in. You think they’d be more used to my weekly check-ups by now, but I think that all the staff are still waiting for me to reveal that it is all one big prank and that I’m just a regular guy in a skeleton suit. Well, that’s not the case. I’m a proud skeleton and have been getting regular orthodontic treatment for years now.

I still remember when I first heard that orthodontic treatment was even possible. Sure, I’d kept good care of my teeth over the centuries, but unfortunately, I have always suffered from having teeth that are very out of line. Orthodontics may have been around for a long time now, but it took me ages to find a dentistry that was willing to treat me for my issues. I was so glad to finally find one that treated me just like anyone else.

Sure, I may be a skeleton, but I really am just like a regular person. Just because I don’t eat, drink or sleep, that doesn’t mean I am anything less than human. I still go to my job out the front of a Halloween decoration store, play video games and hang out with my friends. I brush my teeth just like anybody else does, even if they are skeleton teeth. If only more people could see me for who I really am inside my old bones.