Unfamiliar Car Mechanic

I find it difficult to try new things, which is why I’ve never driven a car. There’s just a lot of new experiences that come with driving a car, such as the first time you drive, your first car park, the first time you get in an accident. Let alone all the times I would have to come into contact with people. I don’t like meeting new people and I wouldn’t like talking to a mechanic. Around Hobart, things can be a bit on the quiet side, so it’s easy to avoid new experiences when the city I live in is this sleepiest in Australia.

I think the fact that I don’t like trying new things is actually negatively impacting my relationships and friendships. I don’t like going to places that I haven’t been before, which means we don’t go to very many places. I’m obviously okay with this, but it really is starting to annoy the people I spend time with. I personally think this is okay, as my girlfriend and friends knew what they were getting into when they started associating with me. 

My girlfriend has decided she wants to start some sort of exposure therapy with me, and has asked that I go with her to the auto service centre. Hobart isn’t a big place and so I know where the mechanic is, but I definitely don’t want to go. She’s seriously turning this whole thing into an ultimatum about our relationship. I think she’s being ridiculous and she thinks I’m being ridiculous. All I know is that I’m absolutely not going to a car mechanic and if she can’t deal with that then she can’t deal with me. You know what they say, if you can’t handle me at my worst then you don’t deserve me at my best. My best is obviously when I’m in a familiar place with familiar people.