Triple Carbon Power

You would think that carbon monoxide was a good thing, right? 

Carbon is the thing that makes up all life, and ‘monoxide’…I’m not sure, but with the etymology, I’d expect it to just mean ‘something to do with oxygen, but only one of them’. And yet, you can get a carbon monoxide tester for your home. It’s supposed to be a big deal as well, a huge safety feature that’s “indispensable for the modern dwelling”, according to this brochure.

I generally follow any and all advice I find in brochures, so I guess I just kinda have to follow this one, right? There’s no two ways about it. I must take this brochure as the absolute infallible gospel, just as I take basically every single other thing in my life that’s written down. They wrote words AND printed them. I think that pretty much confirms that this is a matter of great importance, and should not be questioned.

Oh, and it’s on the internet. Like, so many sources of information detailing the dangers of carbon dioxide. A lot of them mention the detectors as well, which is why I’ve ordered three of them. The only thing better than having one carbon monoxide detector is, of course, three of them, because then I can detect triple the carbon monoxide in the room.

In other news, I’m starting to get suspicious of my air conditioning unit. It pumps something into the room when it’s on, and what if that thing just so happens to be carbon monoxide? What happens then? I going to have to call some air conditioning specialists and get them to have a look, like I expect everyone in Australia is doing right now, at this instant. 

Yep. Have to keep it on the safe side. Get an aircon service, Melbourne standard (the best), and only then will my family be safe.

The brochure did say so.