Terrible Car Park

I’m a part of a club in Toowoomba that gets a laugh out of taking photos of really bad car parks. We’ve seen some truly terrible ones in our time, and we get together once a month to share all the photos we’ve taken over the last four weeks. In that meeting, we rank each photo and crown someone the worst park of the month. It’s always a great laugh and I look forward to it every month. 

We had this month’s meeting last night and it was a hoot as always. I saw a car that desperately needed to visit the mechanic near Midvale in one of the photos. It had no left-hand mirror, a massive dent in the back and the rear bumper was stuck back on with masking tape. It was hilarious and to top it off, the park was absolutely horrendous. It was parked horizontally across two parking spaces instead of vertically in one. It made me cackle. As you can imagine, that car was crowned the worst park of the month. 

I bet you the car owner has never gotten his car a log book service. He clearly doesn’t care about what happens to his car because he parks it in such crazy positions all the time. I bet even his ‘good’ parks are pretty bad, and that’s why he’s either hit someone with his left mirror or someone’s hit him. Oh well, it’s not my problem in the slightest. I got to have a good laugh out of it.

I have a feeling that the club I’m a part of is going to start gaining traction in the nearby suburbs. Once these things are put on social media they tend to spread like wildfire, and we’ve just posted our first collection of pictures on all the main social media sites. It’s safe to say that big things are coming.