Spooky DIY

Oh yes, the Dullahan; I’m a huge fan. Sometimes, when it comes to spooking, it’s the subtle touches. Maybe he’s flesh and blood underneath the 15th-century garb, maybe he isn’t, but it doesn’t matter. Love the horse, love the whole thing about him not having a head. He’s a total freaking spooky legend. He’s probably my number three choice of spookiest beings, right after the Nuckelavee (squee!) and the spooky little girl who climbs out of the television (SQUEEEE!).

I’m hoping once my house is done, I can invite some of my spooky pals over, and we can shoot the breeze, chat about spooking, that sort of thing. Of course, I still need some proper building supplies. Cheltenham is pretty far away from the spooky forest in which I’d like to build my spooky mansion, but I reckon there’s a good selection of home and timber products. I’m hoping that in life I at least had some kind of DIY knowledge, otherwise I’m just going to be carting supplies to the forest and then…nothing. A big pile of nothing, that’s what it’ll be. 

Ooh, maybe my Human Class friend will want to come over! I’ll drop it into conversation, all casual.

“Oh yeah, I just got myself a nice place in the woods. Made it myself from timber and building supplies. It’s not much, but you want to hang out? I have chamomile, even though I myself can’t eat or drink anything.” 

That’s the kind of awesome host I’d be: the kind who keeps things in the cupboards for guests, even if I myself cannot consume them. I’ll have all kinds of spooky parties and it’ll be oodles of fun. And if any humans wander in…they’re in for a rip-snorting, toe-curling spooker of a time!

Gosh, I should stop talking about it and just DO it. Find that Cheltenham hardware store, but my supplies, get some advice and get to work. Gigantic mansions in the woods don’t make themselves. Suddenly, I’m very happy to be able to drive, because all these materials are gonna be heavy. 

-R. McSkulliam