Living With Perfection

Living as a perfectionist isn’t easy. I work so hard to keep my work perfect, my body perfect, my house perfect. Sometimes, though, it’s out of your control. Take, for instance, this morning. I woke up, went through my regular routine and found myself drinking coffee and having breakfast right across from my favourite wall. And what do I notice? I notice a crack, ever so slight, starting to form.

Now I’m certain that this imperfection is there through no fault of mine. I made sure to get the best possible property conveyancing before purchasing the house, reinforced every corner and kept it in the best possible condition. And yet in spite of everything I’ve done, the crack has still formed.

I’m not quite sure what to do. The first thought that came to my mind was to plaster it up or call for foundation repair, but that won’t fix the issue. The fact is, I’ll never see this house the same ever again. No, I think instead I’ll be finding a conveyancing lawyer around Cheltenham and selling this house, then buying a new one. I can’t live here for another day. Until I buy my new, perfect house, I’ll stay in the finest hotel in Melbourne. 

It’s just criminal that this keeps happening to me. When people say that their house is in perfect condition, it should be without fault, forever. No exceptions. I even tried building my own house, but within a few years that had issues too. They just don’t build them to the standard that they should.

Maybe I should do the work myself. Build a house for real, with my own two hands. That way I’ll know it’s absolutely perfect. I guess the old saying is right. If you want something done properly, do it yourself. I’ve been trusting others for far too long now. The only person who has never let me down is myself.