Rain and Burst Pipes

As it turns out, being stuck inside because of my ankle was something of a blessing in disguise. With all the rain that’s been bucketing down on the roof, we’ve developed a bit of a problem with our pipes. We’re using the water from the caravan park, but we also have an external rain tank. Well, it got a bit full…not something that we were expecting on this trip, least of all in Perth. In any case, our pipes seem to have burst because none of the taps are working.

Fortunately Reggie keeps a load of DIY equipment in the back of his vehicle, so I borrowed a bit of it, we set up the extendable canvas and I went to work. The burst part of the pipe was close to the bottom, so I could mostly do the job sitting down, with a bit of weight on my good foot if need be.

See, we used to know this fellow who did drain repair in Melbourne way back in the day, and he was always popping round during the rainy season to see if people’s pipes were holding up. He was a lovely chap, so I recall. We had so many problems with the pipes when we were first married; they’d just burst at random, and there was this point in our street where sometimes the sewage just spilled out at random intervals. Didn’t do much for the smell of the place. This bloke would do the sewer repairs, fix up the pipes and be gone, all in the space of half-an-hour. He even taught me to do it once, and even though it was thirty years ago, some of it must have stuck.

I’m not quite as efficient as that old Melbourne based drain cleaning guy, but I think I got the job done. A bit of duct tape and it was practically like new. In any case, we can get water out of the tap again. Helena was getting a bit antsy not being able to wash the dishes. With the way the rain is coming down, she could probably just leave them out there for a few minutes until they’re clean.