Piece of Cake

Day 1: This will be the easiest thing since sliced bread… or sliced walnut-coffee cake, rather. To backtrack, I’ve taken up the challenge of baking every single recipe in my great aunt’s personally compiled, triple-tested collection of cake recipes. You see, my mother has been on my back about learning the art of baking, but I just don’t see the point – it’s easy, right? Anyway, I got up on my high horse a bit, and soon found myself declaring that I could bake any cake that great aunt Martha could. 

Seeing as Martha was famous for her cakes, taking out first prize at the Easter Show several years running, this was arguably a pretty big claim to make – especially considering that I’ve never baked in my life, and wouldn’t know a clafoutis from a tarte tatin if they both tap danced across my kitchen counter. How hard can it be, though? Here I go with recipe number one: mille-feuille. Looks easy peasy. You’d have to be a real numb-nut to mess this up. 

I might have gotten a bit distracted there. I just had to look up the best companies for laundry renovations for Melbourne homes… okay, fine. That was a severe bout of procrastination. It’s not my fault, though – the recipe was really confusing, and I got bored trying to figure out how to heat my oven to 200 degrees as per step one. Then I got to thinking about whether modern kitchens do that kind of thing for you, because really, why should I have to?

Kitchen design companies in Melbourne should take this on board, if they haven’t already. It’s like, I know you need heat to bake and all, but don’t people just find this so tedious? And I’ve still got all these other steps to get through. It’s almost like there might be more to this cake malarkey than I thought…